We will cut it, test it, thread it, bevel it, machine it, bore it, and deliver it worldwide! 

Supplemental Testing
Special testing is never a problem. Husteel can provide independent testing services for whatever your requirements call for.

  • X-Ray 
  • U.T.
  • Moody, Lloyds and A.B.S. inspections
  • Mag. Particle
  • Minimum wall thickness
  • Straightness
  • P.M.I.
  • Charpy
  • Brinnel and Rockwell hardness

Custom Surfaces 
If your requirements call for custom coatings or special surface preparation, just let us know!

  • Custom Galvanizing
  • Various Poly-Coats from single to triple layer
  • Fusion Bond
  • Epoxy coat
  • Color-coding
  • Painting
  • Pickling
  • Mechanical cleaning and Prime
  • Die stamping

Machining and Cutting
Husteel can provide extensive machine work to produce custom ends or a finished part.

  • Flame cutting to any length
  • Saw cutting to any length
  • O.D. Turning to custom sizes 
  • I.D. Boring
  • Honing
  • Hole drilling
  • Miter cutting 
  • Roll grooving
  • "J" Bevels
  • Mechanical Flame cutting to 60"
  • Heat treating
  • Threading

Packaging and Shipping
Same day shipment on most Stock Items.

  • Includes material identification & QA Documentation
  • Bar-Coding
  • Tagging
  • Die Stamping
  • Marking