Tubes for tubing & casing are manufactured using the hot rolling process. the product used for these tubes is continuously cast blooms. Tubes for tubing & casing are used in the mining industry to obtain crude oil and natural gas. Tubes are made from carbon and alloyed steel. Tubes for tubing & casing are made from the following steel, according to API 5CT H40, J55, K55 and N80. Tubing & Casing is a series of steel pipes that are run into a drilled oil well to stabilize the well, keep contaminants and water out of the oil stream, and prevent oil from leaching into the groundwater. Tubing & Casing is installed in layers, in sections of decreasing diameter that are joined together to form casing strings. The five types of casing string are conductor casing, surface casing, intermediate casing, casing liner, and production casing. Tubing & Casing is typically made from carbon steel, but as the primary structural component of the well the grade of steel used to make the casing, and the specifications of the finished material, are very important.