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Specifications Range
Out Diameter 10.2mm - 2020mm
Wall Thickness 1.6mm - 20mm

DIN 2458 Standard applies to the dimensions and the conventional masses per unit length of welded steel pipes according to the technical conditions of delivery as stipulated in DIN

1628 Part 1 to part 4, DIN 17172 and DIN 17177. St37.2 welded pipe also applies to other technical conditions of conditions of delivery in which reference to DIN2458 standard is made.

It defines that sector, selected from DIN ISO 4200, within which welded steel pipes are standardized.It does not apply to precision steel tubes according to DIN 2393 and DIN 2394.

DIN2458 St 37.2 welded steel pipe chemical composition

Chemical composition
Steel grade Type of deoxidation (RR.fully killed) Chemical composition, % by mass Addition of nitrogen fixing elements (e.g.no less than 0.020% Al total)
Symbol Material number C Si N P S
max max
St 37.2 1.0037 RR 0.17 -- 0.009 0.050 0.050 --

DIN2458 St 37.2 welded steel pipe mechanical property

Steel grade Upper yield stress Reh for wall thickness in mm Tensile N/mm2 Elongation after A5 Impact ISO V-notch test pieces at+20°C
Symbol Material number Up to 16 16-40 40-65 longitudinal transverse longitudinal transverse
N/mm2 min % min / min
St 37.2 1.0037 235 225 215 340 to 510 17-26 --- 27 --