ISO 9001:2008 Registered
Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd is as the one of member of Husteel Industry Group, as the professional manufacturer of steel pipe and pipe fittings,which has a complete system of production and sales serving our customers. 
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Husteel"s QA/QC procedures and manuals have been assessed and approved by many leading oil, gas and chemical companies, power generation and offshore fabrication companies. Our quality assurance system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards. An independent quality assurance department is responsible for all working procedures required to ensure that all manufacturing processes are carried out in accordance with international technical delivery conditions like ASTM/ASME, EN, API and with the customer specifications.

Furthermore, Husteel has been certified in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 to secure the occupational health and safety of our employees and to eliminate and minimize the risks associated with their activities.

Incoming Raw Material

Sr. No. Process Description Ref. Documents Standards Characteristic to be checked Samples quorum of size/inspection Instrument equipment used for testing Acceptance criteria
1 S. S. Coils / Seamless Pipe (Mother Hollow) Purchase Order / Specifications • Dimension
• T.C. Verification
(Lab test Report) (if required)
• Packing Condition
• Weight
• Defects if any
Sample / Heat Vernier, Micrometer, Chemical, Analysis, Tensile Testing Machine (Brinell Rockwell) Hardness Testing Machine 100% confirmation to Specifications

Stage wise Inspection

Sr. No. Process Description Ref. Documents Standards Characteristic to be checked Samples quorum of size/inspection Instrument equipment used for testing Acceptance criteria
2 I) Welded Tube forming & Welding
II) Seamless Cold Drawing
As per Work order/ Specification Dimensions check Diameter (Ovality) x Length x Thickness
• Weight
• Defects if any
3 Samples from each Coil 1 Sample from each lot Universal testing
machine UIN 40 - T
Make "UTS"
Microscope, Vernier,
Micrometer & Measuring Tape
Dimensions acceptance as per order, Confirmation to standard samples as per details
3 Annealing Temperature as per ASTM Standards • Temperature
• Hardness
• Cooling
• Water Quenching
1 Sample per lot / 1 Sample per heat Digital Graphic, Temperature Recorder, Digital Temperature Indicator & Temperature Controller, Metallurgical Microscope, Brine Rockwell Hardness Tester
4 Straightening Straightening as per specification Check straightening of Pipes & Tubes First 2 pipes of each size lot Roller Straightening Machine, Micrometer, Visual Observation Straightening as per specification & standard sample
5 End Facing / Squaring & Beveling Burr-Free Squaring / Beveling with Proper V-Shape 100% Visual inspection Abrasive Polishing as per standard sample Confirmation to specifications / requirements Straightening as per specifications
6 Hydrostatic Testing As per ASTM standard Leakages 100% Hydraulic Pressure Tester No Leakage
7 Picking As per required ASTM standard • Scale removing inside
• outside surface area
100% Visual Observation Confirm to requirement
8 Final Inspection Physical / Chemical Testing As per applicable standard Visual Dimension, Physical & Chemical 100% (or) as per ASTM standard Micrometer, Vernier, Universal Testing Machine, Molly Detector & Caron sampling at Random Spectra / Wet Method Confirmation to requirements
9 Marking (as per) customer requirement /
standard marking
As per requirement • Spell check
• Verification of Details
100% Confirm on first two sample & continue Inkjet machine / Electro Etching co-relation of heat no size Grade, etc. with Test Certificate Confirm to requirement
10 Packing & Delivery As per customer requirement Packing quality Tightness of packing 100% confirm to requirement and release for Box Crate, Polythene, Hessian Cloth Packing according to customer requirements