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Causes of Straight Seam Steel Pipe Wrong Side
Update:2017-02-09      View(s):1117        Keywords :Causes of Straight Seam Steel Pipe Wrong Side
Straight seam steel pipe caused by the wrong side and its preventive measures: 
1, The steel belt sickle bending is caused by the most important factor in the wrong side. In the spiral welded pipe forming, the sickle bending of the steel strip will change the forming angle continuously, resulting in the weld gap change, resulting in the slit, wrong side and even take side. Which can seriously affect the quality of the steel pipe, so the observation of the coil rolling after the sickle bending situation, by controlling the vertical roller to cut the part of the scissors can be cut and the forming angle of the continuous control and correction is in the production process to reduce the steel sickle The wrong side of the effective way. 

2, Due to non-trimming strip head and tail of the shape and size of poor precision, butt easily lead to hard-bending caused by the wrong side of the strip. 

3, The steel head and tail butt welding seam I high, in the molding process if improper handling, likely to cause a larger wrong side. 

4, Poor edge of the strip is another cause of the wrong side of the important reasons.