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Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd is as the one of member of Husteel Industry Group, as the professional manufacturer of steel pipe and pipe fittings,which has a complete system of production and sales serving our customers. 
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Partners & Investors as following below:

Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd founded in 2014, it is the holding by the foreign Sapphire Group, Singapore JURONG Group, set shipbuilding, coastal engineering, drilling platforms, industrial control valve system, steel production and sale of Korea COSY joint venture as a whole, based on the development of complete sets of Chinese and foreign business joint stock company. Domestic partners are:
Sinopec Group
Petro China Co Ltd
China Railway Engineering Corporation
China Railway Construction Corporation
China Metallurgical Group Corporation

The company"s distribution network for carbon steel engineering, power stations, water purification, oil and gas pipelines, coastal engineering, drilling platforms, quality, price competitiveness, can produce various grades of various calibres, according to user needs product. Products sold the United States, Britain, Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and other countries, praised by users. Overseas partners are: 
H.Butting Gmbh
Nautic Steel Ltd
Metalfar Srl
Erne Fitting Gmbh
Bassi Luigi & Co